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Learn Hands-On how to Screen Print Apparel and Signs (T-shirts, Hoodies, Pants, Hats, Coroplast, Lawn Bag Signs, Magnets, Metal, and Wood), Weed out Vinyl Letters, Print Image and Heat Transfer; Operate a Vinyl Cutter, Manual Screen Printing Press, Heat Press; Set-up Multi Color Jobs and Computer Color Separation.  Upon finishing this lesson(s), you will be able to print on any printable items like a Pro. Start your own screen printing business or have a fun hobby. Experienced screen printers make a minimum of $15-$25 P/Hr. I will give you the training you need in a very demanding and well paid profession.

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T-shirt Screen Printing | uiagraphic
Custom T-shirts Screen Printing | UiA Graphics
T-shirt Screen Printing | uiagraphic
Custom T-shirts Screen Printing | UiA Graphics
T-shirt Screen Printing
Custom T-shirts Screen Printing | UiA Graphics
T-shirt Screen Printing | uiagraphic
Custom T-shirts Screen Printing | UiA Graphics
Sign Screen Printing | uiagraphic
Coroplast Sign | UiA Graphics
Coroplast Sign Screen Printing | UiA Graphics
Lawn Sign | UiA Graphics
Custom Lawn Sign Printing | UiA Graphics
Yard Sign | UiA Graphics
Custom Yard Sign Screen Printing | UiA Graphics
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- Manual Screen Printing (Apparel & Sign)

- Screen/s Registration

- Re-Claiming Screens

- Coating Emulsion on Screens

- Screens Exposure

- Developing Exposed Screens

- Ink Mixing and Matching (Pantone)

- Operate Vinyl Cutters, Screen Printing Press & Heat Press- Vinyl Weeding

- Vinyl Application (Window, Cars, Signs, etc.)

- Pre-Masking 

- Preparing and Applying Vinyl on Coro-Plast
- Car Doors Magnet Sign Making


NOTE: Software Training is only basic, not indepth.

This will give you some knowledge about how to layout designs ready for printing.

REQUIREMENT: LapTop. It is best for you to download the 30 days Free Trials Adobe CC Ai. & Ps. to learn the software. If you already have it...Great! 

I've been teaching new shop owners and employees screen printing, and setting up shops across the Toronto (GTA). I am also a visual artist, experienced professional screen printer, graphic designer, and Studied fashion design & marketing. I've worked many years in the print production industry for big and small companies alike, and had the opportunity to learned and run all kinds of Automatic, Semi Automatic and manual screen printing equipment. e.g. Rehmus SPS System Cylinder Press - Sakurai SC-102 Cylinder Press - Clam-shell Semi-auto Press - Long Arm Squeegee Manual Press - 10 Color Automatic Apparel Screen Press - Standard 4 To 6 Color Manual T-shirt Press.


My interest in painting and screen printing started in 1986 and professionally in 1996. I have printed on almost everything out there in the market e.g. screen print on garments, personal signs, infrastructure signs, sublimation on Licence plates and frame, heat transfer of images on t-shirts, vinyl on shirts and signs, draw and cut very detailed stencils by hand. Also, I have printed with plastisol ink, conventional solvent ink, and UV ink. 

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